Corporate Law

Serving Toronto, Mississauga, and Peel Region

As the GTAs rising star, Prudent Law has the corporate experience to help your business!


    Our mission is to help your business settle disputes favorably, mitigate risks and manage the legal implications of transactions, agreements and strategies.


    Our obsession with details often set us apart. Creative and cost-effective, our lawyers go above and beyond to ensure our clients unique needs are met, everytime!

  • Leases

    Let's make sure you get the best deal on your lease. Stop worrying about where you'll be working, and spend more time on the work itself.

  • Contracts

    Our legal experts will draft contracts for every situation. Flawless, and on-time.

  • Incorporations

    Looking to incorporate? Let us walk you through the steps to ensuring your business becomes a legal entity.

What Makes Us Different?

At Prudent Law, we provide simple, clear and practical legal advice to your everyday legal issues. These are some of the differences you will notice:

  • A lawyer will sit with you and review all the paperwork in your transaction. We will work with you to make sure that you are comfortable and confident about the paperwork you are being asked to sign, BEFORE you sign it.
  • A free initial consultation where you can discuss your legal issues, understand your alternatives, and understand the costs associated with each alternative.
  • A fixed fee structure : We will quote you a fixed fee for most alternatives that we provide to you. This fee will not change over the duration of your case, and you will not have to worry about costs of calling or meeting with your lawyer.
  • Simple, personal customer service : Prudent Law is made for everyday people, so we dont complicate our discussions with unnecessary legal language. We will leave the legal jargon for the Courts and focus on helping you understand your alternatives.
  • Easy access to your lawyer : At Prudent Law, you will get direct access to your lawyer. 

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